Well, I’m an awful blogger, but I’d be lying if I said I was sorry.

Three months since my last personal post (okay, maybe almost five), and it’s been an eventful period of absence.

At last, I can call myself a fully-fledged graduate. Complete with gown and ill-fitting hat, my graduation ceremony took place with all the pomp you can imagine. Add my proud parents and grandmothers, my really quite unimpressed little brother, and you have the gist of things.

There were awkward bumping-intos with some of my old classmates, and tender reunions with others. I got a few hugs from tutors, who now fall tentatively under the title ‘friend’, and was nearly eaten by the freezing north wind, though it did swirl my robes with the most satisfying air of drama.

It was one of those strange days that are only truly experienced in reflection. At the time it was too surreal to take in, but if I ever write an autobiography, I think it’s a bittersweet life event that will have to feature.


And in other news, I spent some time getting qualified. I am writing this having received my TEFL certification. Now begins the hunt for work in the City of Light, which will, in 2017, become my home. Très sophistiqué, non? 

My French is not particularly impressive, I confess. I can reserve a hotel room, on good days order breakfast and insult the waiter, but live in the language? C’est impossible! I’m awful, cheesy, a tourist in the first degree.

Duolingo, the highly convenient language learning website (which I recommend – it’s both fun and free), is a massive ego-stroking liar, since my fluency is definitely closer to three percent, but the truth is, despite my natural ineptitude, I am getting there. By inches.


And what else?

I went on a roadtrip with my friend, who moved to Scotland a few years ago. We toured the Scottish Highlands in a highly dubious rental car, and it was one of the best things I have ever done. There were sheep, and sights, and a castle that nearly broke our eight-year friendship. It was dramatic, fun, and truly terrible all at the same time. I promise I’ll write about it

Heads up for a more regular posts, courtesy of my resolution to be a better blogger in 2017.

I hope it’s a fantastic year for you.

Much love, Deanna ♥