Whilst I don’t really believe in writer’s block, except as a nice way of describing the grip of creative laziness, I’m a firm advocate of the view that a good song can get the sometimes reluctant oven of the mind warmed up.

Here are a few that have done the trick for me.


Måns Zelmerlöw – ‘Should’ve Gone Home’
(Je ne suis qu’un homme)

So I’ve been listening to RTL2 lately, in an effort to improve my French, and loving it. It’s a pop/rock station, with more music than talking, and most of it in French.

This is one of the gems I heard and added to my playlist. In truth it doesn’t quite match up with my writing, in both tone and theme, but it’s a good song for getting psyched up to write, or for dancing to.


Josef Salvat – ‘Open Season’

I see no reason to be anything less than international in my music tastes, so here is another good one, this time from Australia (but also discovered on RTL2). This is a song best used for sitting imagining all the best bits of the stories you haven’t yet written, something which I do a great deal more than I’ll ever admit.


Of Monsters And Men – ‘Mountain Sound’

And lastly, a winner from one of my favourite bands, recently discovered. This is a good song for writing about journeys I think, especially those which are exciting and difficult, as all good journeys should be.


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