Also known as Deanna has run out of poems (for now…). Here is a list of some of the songs that help me put pen to paper. Perhaps some of you will find them helpful as well. All credit to the original artists, etc.

1. Bleachers – Don’t Take the Money

This gem popped up in my recommendations, and is perfect for writing happy endings, romantic montages, or dreaming up your next big idea.

Bleachers are a recent discovery for me, but I can tell you that ‘Like a River Runs’ is also well worth a listen.

2. Ruelle – Oh My My

There is nothing quite like a dark song with a thundering drum to get me in an imaginative mood. This is song for knuckle-cracking, and pounding out that next scene.

I know very little about Ruelle, other than some of their songs have cropped up in a variety of film soundtracks, but if you like this one, ‘Game of Survival’ is also very atmospheric.

3. Oh Wonder – My Friends

If you prefer something more delicate to listen to, then look no further than this husky vocal from Oh Wonder. With a beautiful piano accompaniment, this is a good song for writing about the bittersweet.

4. MS MR – Fantasy

One of my old favourites. Ideal for jolting the mind out of a slump, and the visuals are philosophical thought-provoking, or plain weird, depending on your take.

5. Lindsey Stirling – The Arena

I’m sorry, but if you don’t like electric violin, then we can’t be friends. Lindsey Stirling’s music has, in my opinion, veered towards the commercial of late, but she boasts an impressive catalogue of songs and covers, from video game soundtracks to preppy pop pieces.

I think this is one of her best, together with ‘Master of Tides’ and ‘Roundtable Rival’. If you enjoyed Mad Max: Fury Road, the video will also appeal.