I’m always on the hunt for more music to write to, so without further ado, here are some of my latest finds.

1. Rae Morris – Reborn

I swear this woman and I have some sort of connection, because literally every time she releases a song it seems to be talking about the place I am in my life. This is an eerie, hair-rising piece about liberty and moving on. For some reason it reminds me of misty moors, and ghost stories. ‘Nothing can hurt or haunt me now. I am rebooooorn…’

2. Kaiser Chiefs – Listen to Your Head

This music video could easily be turned into a full-length movie. I think this song has quite a different sound to the band’s older pieces (I didn’t immediately notice the artist), but it’s also very different to some of their more recent pop releases. Maybe it’s a one off, but that’s a shame, because I think it’s one of the Kaiser Chiefs’ best.

3. Mr Little Jeans – Stitches

Sometimes YouTube recommendations are actually suited to your tastes. This one was a lucky find via the old suggested links route. This song has a solemn, relaxing mood, and the singer’s voice is quite trance-like. I definitely need to investigate this band further.

I hope you like these recommendations. I’m sure I’ll have some more before long!