Oh, sweet land in the hills
of memory.

Do you remember me?

I have returned with my horses,
wearing finer raiment.

A raven flies ahead
to tell my people of my coming,
like news of a loved one
buried abroad.

I arrive glittering in the sun,
helmeted silver, with gauntlets,
cuirass and greaves.

Do I frighten you?

I have done the things I said I would,
only that, though my world has changed
and I am not who you thought.

Chevalier, I, though I wear the colours
with an apology.

Your loyalty meant so little to me.

I saw you in the blood of dragons,
the ones that I had slain,
and wanted to pillow my head
on your shoulder.

I have no mother now, besides the moon.

My father forgave me, but forgot
including my existence.

Every mile had only your name,
and in all my battles
you were with me.

My misery, my joy,
tell me it has not been so long
that I shall never see your face again.

Standing here, with my squire,
standard, and baggage train,
I have come washed clean.

Purgatory is behind me.

You, among the willows,
in your brocade gold,
look up.

Tell me that I am finally home.

© Deanna Scutt, 2017